Rosanna Susanto, founder of Bodyscape Yoga, is not only an inspiring yogi that we frequent practice with, but she’s also a down to earth cool chic that tells us exactly what practising yoga is and what it is not.  We loved having this conversation with Rosanna to find out more about her background as a lawyer turned yogi and setting straight some yoga misconceptions. 

What led you to starting yoga and making it your career?

Yoga came so naturally to me as I have a dance background in classical ballet. It was my very early days working as a full-time lawyer and I stumbled upon a yoga class, and got instantly hooked! I spent all the time I had practicing, reading articles on yoga, then stumbled upon ‘Yoga Teacher Training’. So I kept things simple – I quit my lawyer job, went to YTT in Bali and got quite a shock when I realised no one else had quit their jobs. When I came back to Perth, I got creative with my business name, ABN, logo website and all the behind the scenes business. That’s how Bodyscape Yoga came to be. I taught my very first class at my home yoga studio and 4 years later now I run a yoga studio in Nedlands and teach full-time. I balance it out with corporate clients, high-profile private clients, and group classes at the studio! It’s been everything I never would have dreamed of!

What extra (physical, emotional, spiritual) benefits did you experience when you first started yoga? What benefits have your clients experienced from yoga?

I definitely enjoyed the physical benefits of yoga to begin with as I used it as my form of exercise. Then realised, and still keep learning that the teachings trickle through the whole of life! It’s part of my daily living, relationships and self-discovery. I feel so refreshed every time I learn something new about yoga – yoga is life. This is something I always share to my students! It’s unbelievable what my clients say about the teachings I offer them. Because no matter how much you think you know, there’s always another world out there.

Is yoga for everyone? 

I’ll say it straight – no. I think every individual alive on this universe is at our own varying levels, spiritually/emotionally/physically. And you can’t possibly mould everyone into yoga. I also believe it’s important for everyone to find their own kind of enjoyment. It’s like, no matter how much you want someone to do something, you can’t ever force it upon them. Yoga will come at all the right times.

What kind of misconceptions about yoga can you set straight?

There’s a few:

  1. As the title states, you don’t need to be flexible. This is my number 1 pet peeve about the reason lots of people are hesitant to practice yoga. A whole lot of strength is required for the physical practice of yoga too, and sometimes, flexibility gets the better of you. I’m hyperextended in some parts of my body and this means it’s easy for me to rely on flexibility for a lot of the postures, but in the long-term it’s really not so good for my joints! So I have to focus more on balancing strength & flexibility
  2. Yoga is not a religion! It’s a science, a form of spirituality
  3. You don’t do yoga, you practice yoga. Treat it as a life-long practice, like the sustainability of life. You can definitely go to a yoga class, but there’s more to it than just ‘doing’ yoga. It’s a way of life!
  4. It’s not just a girl thing, guys practice too!

We have been fortunate to work with Rosanna for our Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat in Yallingup two weeks ago on 15 September. If you want to see this gal in her genius zone, watch the video below where she guides our retreaters into a beautiful yoga practice.