There is no shame in treating yourself and indulging a little over the festive break over some good laughs with your loved ones! We know the hustle and bustle of the festive season can be hectic and throw us out of our usual healthy practices.

So we’ve set out on a goal to commit to some healthy and wellthy practices to welcome in the new year 2017!  We love sharing so our goals are below and we hope you’ll also find them helpful in guiding your own health and wellness journey!

Find 15 minutes to practice yoga in the morning

We are early risers and we couldn’t rave more about starting the day on a good note, which for us means fitting in a good stretch and increasing our heart rate before we hit our to-do list.
Make it a goal in the new year to fit in 15 minutes of your favourite yoga flow (even if you practice it in PJs – there is nothing wrong with that!). We usually opt for a vinyasa flow to get our blood flowing through our bodies.
There are so many health benefits in committing to 15 minutes of yoga each morning.  Firstly, it increases your metabolism from the moment you wake up and before you consume your first meal of the day. Secondly, as we know the benefits of yoga are plentiful, including muscle toning and improving flexibility but also it calms the mind. So we find that yoga in the morning creates a strong and stable mental foundation for us to power through our day.  And lastly, we love ending out yoga practice with a couple minutes of mediation – to set an intention for our day! The act of setting an intention is so powerful and you will start to notice increases in productivity by adding this into your daily practice.
One of our local favourites is definitely Bodyscape Yoga located in Nedlands. Pictured below is our good friend, founder of Bodyscape Yoga, Rosanna Susanto, who is also a Lululemon ambassador.
Bodyscape Yoga Nedlands Photography by Stephanie Ti. 

High intensity workouts 

We are committing to fit in about 2-3 high intensity workouts each week.  We love adding variety into our fitness regime – anything new we’ll love to give it a try!
High intensity workouts are fun in groups and they keep your body working hard up to a few hours after you’ve finished the workout!  We love that high intensity workouts give us a bit of a challenge and improves your body’s overall endurance – which we think it is skill in itself!
The key is to find a workout format which works for you – whether it may be boxing, cross-fit or sprints at the park! Find what works for you and fit it in 2-3 times a week!

Bodyscape Yoga’s Saturday Vinyasa class in Nedlands is a winner.  Rosanna, who teaches this class, will be sure to get your heart rate pumping.  She’s known to teach a challenging class!! Another one of our local favourites is F45 crossfit!  It’s challenging and activates a bit of healthy competition within us!  Loving the crew at F45 Cannington here.

Reducing plastics in our home

This has been a new goal we have recently introduced into our home.  In the new year, we are committing to take it to the next level. We’ve taken some amazing tips from our beautiful friend, Kirsty, founder of local Second Nature Botanicals located in Fremantle, WA.
This year we are going to reduce plastics in our home by:
  1. using reusable shopping bags;
  2. using reusable drinking bottles;
  3. using reusable coffee mugs! (which we are so excited about with our new funky mugs!); and
  4. storing food in glass jars rather than tupperware and plastic containers.
Pay our friend Second Nature Botanicals a visit here for other clean and non-toxic home and lifestyle products to detox your home.  We stock their amazing yoga mat spray and room spray in our Summer Collection.
Second Nature Botanicals Fremantle Perth

Keeping it green and clean 

This is our last goal which we have actually been committing to for quite some time now.  We don’t believe in “diets” or “quick fixes” when it comes to nutrition so we have been eating green and clean for a while now.  But this year we are committing to keep to it and also to experiment new ways to get more greens into our bodies.
One of the ways we are doing this in January 2017 is to experiment with consuming cold-pressed juices (with clean foods as well) and introducing it into our daily food intake.
Eating green and clean should never be about losing weight.  We do it to FEEL good and look after our bodies – after all your body is your temple so please do look after it.  Fuel your bodies with vitamins and minerals in vegetables as they are the best source of natural nutrients for your body. These nutrients are best in their most natural state so try to minimise cooking time if you can.
As part of committing to our greener and cleaner ways in 2017, we have also teamed up with our local gorgeous friends at Inner Ego to bring our Perth locals a limited edition Detox Box, which contains 3 items from our Summer Collection, Inner Ego juices and an Inner Ego limited edition cooler bag – and all of this is delivered to your door every Wednesday and Saturday in January 2017 (if you live in our specified delivery post codes).  Check out the Detox Box here.