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Tarra Lee


Western astrology utilises a tropical system, meaning it is based on the equinoxes whereas Vedic astrology uses the sidereal system, which is based on fixed stars and the changing observable constellations.

There are many debates on which system is more accurate or correct. Western Astrology was developed by the Greeks and the Babylonians around 2,000 – 3,000 years ago. Vedic Astrology also known as Jyotish, which means “science of light” is found in the Vedas, which are the ancient spiritual texts of the Hindus and the oldest books in existence, written 5,000 – 8,000 years ago. 

Around 2,000 years ago these systems where in sync, the Western system was created from the Vedic, based on simplistic elements of the complex Vedic system. Due to what is known as precession which is the spinning top-like motion and change in direction of Earth’s axis of rotation. These systems are now 24 degrees apart. 

What is the significance of this?

Each zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees, so a difference of 24 degrees means not only your Sun sign could be different in your birth chart but other planet and house placements could also be different.

Vedic Astrology refers to the current observable constellations (meaning its calculations are based on fixed astronomy) whereas the Western system is now just an energetic imprint of what once was. 

Whichever Astrology system you use, look at both and see which one resonates with you more. Your Sun sign relates to your soul characteristics and what you ultimately grow into, so keep this in mind along with the significance of your Rising/Ascendent Sign in each system. 

If you have identified with the Western system all your life and have a different Vedic Sun sign, you may find more understood and seen.


Below Tarra shares with us more about the current star sign being Aquarius in Vedic Astrology (and Pisces in Western Astrology).

Current Western Astrology 

Pisces – February 20- March 20

Current Vedic Astrology 

Aquarius- February 13 – March 14


Humanitarian, innovative, prophetic, detached, revolutionary, and unconventional.

Represented by the water bearer, often Aquarius can be mistaken as a water sign, it is however an air sign. The water element within the water bearer symbol represents emotions but also signifies cleansing, life, and freedom.

The symbolism suggests their underlining quest for higher truth, their ability to carry emotions and spread/pour knowledge and truth out into the world.

Aquarians can express their emotions through language but can also detach and not take on these emotions. 

This sign is the communicator and visionary, seeking knowledge and departing wisdom. 

To Aquarians knowledge is power – this can sometimes make them inflexible in their approach to life.

Aquarius is one of smartest zodiac signs when measuring intelligence by the metrics of cognitive ability and Intelligence quotient (IQ). 

As the ruler of the 11th house Aquarius relates to community, friends, social circles, and complex networks of people and systems.

Aquarius does best in careers where they can continue to learn, have complete freedom, and focus on the big picture. To them freedom is most important – freedom of thought, action, and to pursue the causes and rights of those they want to protect.

The Aquarius energy can also be very paradoxical, enjoying equally the social spotlight and travelling as being alone and at home as well as being both artistic yet scientific, they are generally gentle by nature, but fierce when fighting for a cause. 

Ruler: Saturn (Vedic) Uranus (Western)

Body Part: Ankles, shins, calves, and circulatory system.

Element: AIR

Hour Ruler: 11th House – House of Gains and Profits

Duality: Masculine 

Dosha: Vata

Day: Saturday

Colour: Blue

Crystal: Amethyst 

Symbol: Water Bearer 

Chakra: Throat 

Health tip: Fresh Air


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