We are so excited to sit down for a chat with Pure Tea owner, Fleur Cassidy, over warm cuppa! If you’re a BWFam member you would have tried Pure Tea’s incredible & heart-warming chai tea blend in our Winter Wellness Box. Now you can get to know more about the maker of the brand, lovely Fleur. You can find out more about Pure Tea from the details below.

Pure Tea

Please share the story of how your beautiful brand was born and what inspired you to embark on Pure Tea. When did you start your business?

Pure Tea was born 11 years ago, stemming from our love for travel, culture and high-quality ingredients.

Prior to creating our brand, Pure Tea, my husband Brad and I used to travel for our previous business. We were lucky enough to explore so many different countries (much different to how things are now post-COVID). Some of our favourite countries to visit were spread across the Asia Pacific. The people, the natural landscapes, the food… and the tea! Travelling across Asia was exciting and wonderful.

We were particularly interested in tea shops, always returning home with tea goodies for friends, family and our own home. Looking back on this love for tea, it makes sense we would soon pursue this love for our career!

When we bought our business 11 years ago, it’s focus was originally on coffee (Karvan @karvancoffee) with our tea brand developing soon after.

At that time the market was dominated by large global tea suppliers. We wanted to offer Perth, and Australia, a product that was local and personal.

Fast forward 11 years, we’re over the moon with how our business has grown, our community strengthened and our love for tea (and coffee) has increased tenfold.

Please share with our readers a bit about your business values and philosophy.

Community, togetherness, and heart. Every step of the way, we uphold our people-orientated philosophy at the core of all operations.

Brad and I value family and have always developed a work family as part of our philosophy. We have a small but close team with similar values and mindset. This fosters a work lifestyle that feels way too fun to call it “work”!

Our team embraces community, connections and high quality products throughout every step of business. From sourcing the premium ingredients, creating the interesting blends and serving these to you! We work closely with the product to deliver you the best cup of tea possible.

It’s more than tea – it’s a way to connect, appreciate and enjoy the simple things.

What is your background/industry prior to starting Pure Tea?

We have been in the hospitality industry in one way or another for the last 35 years – owning restaurants and supplying commercial kitchen equipment to a variety of food businesses. Our passion has always been food/drink related and it makes coming to work a real pleasure. It gives us joy to see people enjoying our products.

What are the health benefits of Pure Tea and in particular the product featured in our wellness box? What is your favourite way to make the Chai Tea?

Each of our teas have their own health benefit but Pure Tea Chai is my favourite tea for boosting cognitive function.

I drink Pure Tea Chai simply infused with water and served black in my favourite Royal Albert mug that my son, Ethan gave me. The combination of spices is perfect to power me through the afternoon fog and the cinnamon helps to curb the urge to reach for the sweet treats that are always tempting us at work.

Tell us a bit about your personal health and wellness journey. What are your “non- negotiable” must-dos each day to keep yourself feeling great and unwind?

As a business owner, I always have a lot going on. Any business owner I’m sure can relate! My secret to keeping balanced and focused is regularly exercising. Exercise works miracles at promoting a healthy mind.

I am a morning exerciser and always follow it up with a pot of English Breakfast Premium. I find this combination is the perfect way to wake up the mind and body to begin the day. I often find exercise clears my thoughts and lets me begin each day with good intentions.

When I am unwinding I usually reach for a cup of Lemongrass and Ginger and a good book. At the moment I am reading Love in Theory by Elodie Cheesman. Tea and romance to finish the day, what could be better?

Overall, I find it’s important to maintain a balance of yin and yang. Relaxing and moving slowly as well as, activity and challenging. Through this, I’m able to keep motivated, stay calm and reach my goals.

What are you most excited about in being part of the health and wellness industry?

I get excited about bringing people a small, affordable pleasure that can bring joy to every moment. Life can be busy, confusing and at times challenging. It’s important to remind yourself of the simple things that evoke comfort and happiness.

Spring is here! Do you have any health and wellness rituals especially reserved for this time of the year as the weather warms up?

When the weather starts warming up I can’t help but reach for iced tea. We did a limited edition Strawberry Tea with indigenous Strawberry gum. The tea was not only delicious but brewed a captivating ruby red colour to the class. Wanneroo strawberries are always delicious and especially sliced and added to a glass of tea.

Please share more information with us about your unique products, are there any new products our community should look out for and what is the best way to stay in contact with you.

Our products are unique in that we design them with you in mind. Pure Tea (like the name suggests) is about pure, real ingredients that are approachable at home or in your local café.

I want our teas to be drunk and enjoyed for their simplicity, for their flavours and for their benefits. I have been working on a range of immunity teas to help bring extra strength in these tricky and challenging times. Watch out for them on Instagram or feel free to visit us.

We love connecting with you over socials. Check us out over on Instagram or Facebook @puretea_australia

We look forward to having a cuppa with you, Fleur Cassidy
Owner of Pure Tea