In the cooler months, we look for warming meals to nourish and soothe our bodies. This Slow Cooker Vegan Broth is full of easily assimilated nutrients and gentle on the gut to help boost immunity and reduce inflammation. It’s versatile – you can enjoy a cup just as it is on it’s own, make clear based soups, or add it to anywhere a recipe calls for stock.

Please also note that this recipe is very flexible, so if you are missing one of the ingredients please feel free to substitute it with another vegetable or herb, just try to not skip the apple cider vinegar or coconut oil.

Enjoy this delicious, satisfying and easy to make recipe beautiful. Stay warm!


1 x small leek

1 x large onion

2 x medium carrots

2 x stalks celery (leave some leaves on)

1 x tblsp apple cider vinegar

1 x large tblsp coconut oil

5cm knob ginger, sliced

5cm knob fresh turmeric, sliced

1 x tsp dulse flakes (sea vegetable/seaweed)

5 x peppercorns

2 x bay leaves

1 x tblsp pure salt

2 ½ Lt filtered water


Wash all of your vegetables very well and cut into rough chunks.

Place all the ingredients in to your slow cooker.

Set onto LOW and allow the broth to cook for around 8 hours, or overnight.

Strain the liquid from the vegetables and while it is still very hot pour the liquid into jars and seal tightly. Allow to cool and store in the fridge.

If you don’t own a slow cooker you can do this in a large stock pot on the stove top. Follow the above instructions but bring to a simmer then reduce heat to the lowest possible setting and cook for around three to four hours.

Will keep for a week refrigerated and sealed.

Recipe contributor/creator: Nat Russell. Visit to find more healthy and satisfying recipes.