This Spring, we are so honoured to work with pro•m•emo essences to showcase their Calm Essence in our Spring Wellness Box. pro•m•emo essences are a complete vibrational medicine range to support your emotional wellbeing.

We sat down with Gabrielle Besser (a naturopath), director of the company, which is founded by her husband, Dr Rhett Ogston (Chinese Medicine), to find out more about her background, the inspiration behind pro•m•emo essences and what each of the essences represent. pro•m•emo essences are based on the 5 element theory, and a synergistic fusion of Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine (naturopathy), Bach flower essences, bio-energetic medicine and homeopathic medicine, in one product, to support the release of any emotion via your meridian filters.  Hope you enjoy our chat below!

Pro.m.emo essence

Tell us about your background in growing up – were you always interested in health and wellness? 

I loved spending my days outside with my brother in the garden of my childhood home. As a kid, I was always playing with flowers from picking them to pressing and drying them with a flower press. I’d collect bottles of essential oils and spend hours experimenting with different blends in my oil burner.

I don’t think I realised that I had an interest in natural therapies until it was presented to me after VCE as an opportunity to study. I never thought about it as a career, as I always wanted to do VET science. I used to always walk into health food stores, thinking how fascinating it was, trying to learn as much as I could with the sales staff in a very short amount of time. Once I began my degree at the Australian College of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, I knew it was exactly where I was meant to be. I love helping people regain their health naturally with plant botanicals and natural medicines. This passion to help people regain their health and wellbeing has evolved as I’ve learnt various health modalities including herbal medicine, nutrition, iridology as well as bio-energetic medicine, which is the foundation for my treatments when in practice.

What inspired you to be start pro•m•emo? What message or value does the company stand for? 

I first heard about the concept for the pro•m•emo essences after one of my teachers [later becoming my partner], mentioned his 15 year research project into herbal medicines and emotional health. I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be involved with and offered to consult on the project as did another inspired colleague. 

After many years of using the product with clients in practise, and seeing the incredible transformations it had on clients emotions, wellbeing and state of mind, we knew it had to be shared with people outside our clinic too. So as you do, whilst on maternity leave with our first son, I spent countless hours researching and creating a brand behind the essences. It has been a labour of love and dedication to be able to share these incredibly powerful essences with you all. 

We are huge believers of preventative medicine + supporting the body to heal itself naturally. We want people to be empowered and have control over their own health and wellbeing to find peace from any emotional disharmony or reactivity.

In clinic, we see clients with a wide variety of conditions and years of emotional pain that they have to work through. We see so many people that believe they have no control over how they feel and they loose the power and belief in themselves. Sometimes people get stuck in a state, we’ve all been there, and it’s difficult to make those choices and feel empowered to change your state. The pro•m•emo essences brand stands for empowering people in their own home, naturally, to be the ones in the drivers seat of their emotional health. Instead of being emotionally reactive we may help people become more emotionally: responsive; resilient and; intelligent, and therefore prevent the physical health concerns that may arise caused by suppressed emotions and emotional pain.

What led you to be an expert in Chinese medicine and healer? Are there any common misconceptions about your field in the wellness industry you would like to address? 

My very clever husband who researched this product for over 15 years, and our inspired colleague are the TCM practitioners. My knowledge of TCM comes from the FlameTree system, which is the bio-energetic healing system that I use in practise as well as through the essences via the 5 element theory. 

My expertise is in naturopathy and that is what makes the essences unique, they are a synergistic blend of five major modalities which saves the consumer time, effort, energy and money as there are only 6 essences in the range which are very affordable and they can support their own emotional wellbeing in-between health consultations. Having an emotional first aid kit that is simple to use really can support anyone through any emotional state, including also supporting permutations or combinations of emotions! They are truly unique.

The most common misconception about our range is that it’s an essential oil. People see the bottle and immediately associate it with oils and not internal drop-dose essences. They are the bio-energetic signature of a specifically selected synergistic blend of Chinese herbs, Western (naturopathic) herbs, homeopathics and flower essences from all over the world. Each ingredient has been chosen due to its synergy with all the other ingredients in the blend. They work via clearing the meridians (the energy channels in which can become blocked by emotional stagnation), and we perceive our world through these filters, so if these meridian filters are blocked or stagnant, we can become easily emotionally overwhelmed, reactive or struggle to feel emotion at all.

A huge misconception about natural therapies and energy medicine is the scientific proof behind its therapeutic use. It’s common to hear that these therapies are just a placebo – however there’s countless research articles that have been published demonstrating the success of these healing therapies. Everything about our entire body is energy, every atom of us is vibrating at a specific frequency, and by altering that frequency with a healing frequency, the body can recorrect itself. 

Tell us more about the product you have chosen to put in the subscription box this spring? What is so special about it and why have you chosen it? How does it connect with all the other products in your range? 

Our product draws on the healing benefits of the 5-element theory from traditional Chinese medicine. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water and this cycle is reflected in nature and is the essence of Chinese medicine therapies. Each element must be balanced to maintain health. If one is in ‘excess’ or is ‘deficient’ then disharmony is reflected in the person. Each of the 5 elements has an emotion and a season that it pertains to, and in Spring, we are in the wood element and the pertaining emotion is Anger or frustration.

Something you may not know about the season of spring, wind, pollens, frustration, short temperedness, irritation and hay fever is that they all have something in common! They belong to what traditional Chinese medicine five-element theory refers to as the ‘wood element’. What is special about the Calm essence is that can be used to process anger and etc…. it connects with the range via the five element theory 

If we asked your best friend/life partner, what are the 3 most unique/strangest things about you. What do you think that person would say? 

Definitely that I am always up for learning new things. I get really excited over good food [insert happy dance] and the most bizarre thing is that I now love the taste of beer and chilli only since having babies. 

If you would like to try pro•m•emo essences, you can try the beautiful Calm Essence in our Spring Wellness Box. Link here for more details.