The Husk Mill’s decadent coconut cacao husk tea blend is proudly made in Australia using locally-grown cacao husk and a selection of other organic ingredients. The Husk Mill’s tea blends are crafted to deliver a delicate and sophisticated cacao experience.  One sip of this tea is subtly reminiscent to enjoying a piece of high quality dark chocolate – creamy, bitter and naturally sweet.

We have selected The Husk Mill’s coconut cacao tea blend to be featured in our debut summer collection gift box as it is the perfect caffeine-free pick-me-up to a summer afternoon. This tea blend emanates a rich and creamy coconut flavour with hints of burnt caramel and cacao.  It is great served cold on ice with milk and coconut sugar.

Steep 1 tablespoon for 6–8 minutes (depending on desired strength) at 100°C.  Then add your desired milk or nut milk and preferred sweetener.  Our preference is to use milk and coconut sugar with this tea blend.

100% Australian cacao husk (theobroma cacao) and organic coconut (cocos nucifera).