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This is the perfect bundle for you to try Made with Raw Love’s Ceremonial Cacao and Botanical Elixirs (choice of 2).

The cacao ceremony is a powerful traditional practice bringing purification of the body and cleansing of the soul using this ancient plant medicine. Very rarely do we gather around a camp fire and connect – the cacao ceremony is a great way to bring this back into our life.

Made with Raw Love’s Artisan Botanical Elixirs align with the recipes of Ancient Mesoamerica where cacao was extensively used a health and energy drink with aphrodisiac qualities, and consumed within sacred ceremonies to enhance strength and focus.

MWRL believe in discovering and using nature’s profound intelligence to deliver products that transform your spirit, mind, and body with enthusiasm and rejuvenation.

In this bundle, you will get a choice of 2 Botanical Elixirs (100g each) and the signature Ceremonial Cacao (100g).  In the “notes” section at checkout, please enter the two Botanical Elixirs of your choice. Please choose from two below:

  • Mind Clarity Botanical Cacao Elixir
  • Immunity Botanical Cacao Elixir
  • Energy Boost Botanical Cacao Elixir
  • Lovers Blend Botanical Cacao Elixir
  • Beautiful Hydration Botanical Cacao Elixir
  • Vanilla Infusion Botanical Cacao Elixir

For more information on the Botanical Elixirs Bundle 6 pack, please click here.

Let your tastebuds enter heaven as you enjoy both Made with Raw Love’s ceremonial cacao and botanical elixirs together.

Ceremonial Cacao: *Organic cold processed raw Ecuadorian Ceremonial cacao.


Mind Clarity: *Organic cold processed raw cacao powder, *organic lucuma, non-irradiated wild harvested lion’s mane medicinal mushroom extract, *organic gotu kola, wild harvested finger lime, & wild harvested lemon myrtle (*Certified organic).

Immunity: *Organic cold processed raw cacao powder, *organic lucuma, non-irradiated mushroom extracts: wild harvested Chaga & Reishi, *organic vanilla bean & *organic cinnamon. (*Certified organic).

Energy Boost: *Organic cold processed raw cacao powder, *organic lucuma, *organic goji berry, wild harvested he shou wu & *organic ashwagandha (*Certifed organic).

Lovers Blend: *Organic cold processed raw cacao powder, non-irradiated cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract, *organic mucuna pruriens powder, *organic maca powder, *organic Mesquite powder & *organic vanilla bean powder. (*Certified organic).

Beautiful Hydration: *Organic cold pressed raw cacao powder, *Organic Mesquite powder, *Organic freshwater pearl collagen, *organic Tremella Mushroom extract & Wild harvested Kakadu plum. (*Certified organic).

Vanilla Infusion: *Organic cold processed raw cacao powder, *organic lucuma, *organic vanilla bean & organic Luo han guo extract (*Certified organic)


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