As you would have seen in our Winter Wellness Guide Ebook (which was part of our Winter Wellness Box), we recently partnered with PROCEANIS a natural beauty company based in Germany.  We are so excited to work with them as they have recently entered the Australian wellness scene with a bang (aka, a revolutionary product!).

What is this product you might be thinking?  It is called the Hyaluronfiller – the world’s first hyaluronic acid drink.  This product is backed by science and an explanation of how the product works requires a bit of a science spill (which beauty nerds like us love, but we have already covered it in our Ebook so we won’t delve into that again here). But in a short and sweet summary, hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by our body to keep our skin firm and supple (that is why many skincare products contain topical hyaluronic acid in the ingredients), but over time our body starts to produce less and less of it. Hyaluronfiller is a wellbeing drink designed to help our bodies replenish its natural hyaluronic acid levels. Consuming it orally (rather than topically) also means that there are more benefits than just firm and supple skin – it also means stronger joints, less dry eyes and is an overall “cell moisturiser”.

We were fortunate enough to work with PROCEANIS for our Winter Wellness Box and Wellness Guide Ebook. Now we would love for you to get to know the General Manager of PROCEANIS Australia and New Zealand – Moritz Haselhorst.  We interviewed him recently to find out what motivates him to stay healthy and why he is so passionate about PROCEANIS and its revolutionary product.  Happy reading!

Tell us about your background in growing up – were you always interested in health and wellness?

Since I have young I enjoyed a lot of different types of sports – martial arts, water sports, boxing and the gym. I have always liked to keep fit and healthy as it made me feel good. This naturally created an interest in health, food and developed into further interest in yoga and meditation a few years ago.

Do you think any particular experience/s in your life led you to your wellness path now? If so, would love for you to share a bit about it/them.

There is no particular event standing out when I think about it. I have always loved to cook for my friends. Food makes me happy every day, it plays a big role on many levels in my life. It is a wonderful way to socialise and connect with people and I am grateful for it every day. I like to keep a balance between feeling healthy and being energetic, but also enjoy life with all the “fun things” it has to offer. These “fun things” are not always healthy but I know how to counteract them.

What inspired you to join Proceanis?

I always wanted to get involved with a product which is unique, natural, functionally effective, makes people happy and feel good about themselves and stands out in the market.  There are a lot of boxes to tick for me to feel passionate about a product – it needs to be revolutionary, enhances people’s lives and wellbeing and tick all the boxes from the source of ingredients, standards, ethics and environmental responsibility point of view too.

I am drawn to the genuine and passionate people who work at PROCEANIS. The owners, board of directors, doctors, engineers and all the other team members of PROCEANIS Germany are living what they preach. They stand behind their products, are humble in their success and in life in general. It is a delight to deal with genuine people who are passionately working on highest level of standards with high level of morals and ethics. They always say: Our clients are our best marketing! We want to grow the company organically and always keep the quality guarantee promise first. We are very aligned with our life values and moral compass.

We know you love sharing the Proceanis message. What do you love most about Proceanis?

Besides the company values and ethics, I really like the concept and simplicity of the PROCEANIS product range. It is the new way of wellbeing and anti-ageing. It works from the inside out on a cellular level which makes so much sense to me. Additionally, it deals with our body’s main ingredient which is water – which makes up about 70% of our composition. To create a product which enables you to bind water again when our natural hyaluronic acid production stops is revolutionary and amazing!  It does not compete against any topical creams, cosmetics, injections and treatments but compliments it and maximises their outcomes and benefits.

The PROCEANIS message really is about allowing people to feel beautiful from the inside out at all stages in their life.  This is video of this message which the company shares worldwide.

How has the products made by Proceanis changed your life? Can you share any personal stories about how you use the product?

I personally use the product nearly ever day for over 12 months. I felt the first impact after 3 weeks in my joints.  I had some issues with my left knee in the gym which completely disappeared.  After about 6 weeks on the product, I felt my skin was not as dry and very moist even without applying moisturiser cream. My sleep, eyes and general hydration has improved.

What is your non-negotiable in your morning routine?

I simply have my morning shot of the HyaluronFiller first thing or after breakfast with 2 glasses of water. Then I meditate before I start the day.

Is anything exciting happening at Proceanis in the near future you would like to share with our community?

The team in the head office always seems to be one step ahead. PROCEANIS Germany are growing globally and organically. We just introduced the third packaging type – “The Kickstarter” –  25 days in Australia last week. We have now 3 different packaging types available – being 25, 30 and 50 days – to suit different needs and so that it is more accessible.

This financial year, we are expanding our retailer base in NSW, QLD, WA and NZ with more access to our brand for our customers. Watch the space!