We talk why identifying what is holding us back is the first step in moving forward

‘Letting go does not mean forgetting, it just means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present’ – Yung Pueblo

We spring-clean our homes, overhaul our wardrobes, clean our desks, re-organise our handbags bags and clean-out our cars – and we often look at this as an essential step towards order and a sense of new beginnings. Yet we rarely think to declutter the most important space we own.

Our minds.

This is a really essential step within the process of setting new years goals and intentions, enabling you to identify the patterns or habits that hinder you from achieving your true intentions in the year ahead. We have detailed here how focussing on how you want to feel, as opposed to setting physical actions, can lead to more long-term and deeper fulfilment, but within this process, we should also consider how we don’t want to feel.

What are the opposite emotions of your desired feeling?

And what actions bring this about?

When did you feel this emotion throughout the year?

For example, if the feeling we want to foster is ‘ease’ and ‘acceptance’ in the year ahead, we must identify what blocks this state of being in daily life. For most, it’s the belief that being ‘busy’ is a sign of success and that everything good in life, must be hard to achieve. In order to go more with the flow into ‘ease’ and ‘acceptance’, we need to soften, breathe and let go of these ideals.

And just like that, by identifying the blockage – you are able to free yourself of the ideas that have kept you here.

Often it’s the very act of letting go that allows us to expand, propel forward and ultimately get what we want.

This is just one example, but if you can identify clearly how you want you feel, you’ll notice how many things along the way – whether social, physical or emotional, that you have unconsciously absorbed that may stop you from getting there. We often build up a picture of the way that we should act, speak, behave, look and respond to be loved, to fit in and to be accepted. Yet many of these response beliefs, we never challenge.

Often these are the very things that hold us back as these are the very beliefs that contradict what we want.

We have hundreds of beliefs, complex pattern scenarios that have been created over many years, fears and unconscious concerns.  They keep us stuck.  They keep us repeating old, unhelpful templates, they are the things that disrupt good intentions and cause us to trip on our way to achieving what we really want.

So in the process of asking yourself how you want to feel in the year ahead, also consider;

What do you need to let go of in order to truly attract what your heart desires?

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