Hey beautiful!  Welcome to Bare & Wilde.  We are your luxurious health and wellness gift box delivered each season.  You might be wondering why we release our luxurious health and wellness gift boxes on a seasonal basis?  It’s not like we don’t want to visit you more often at your door step – let us tell you why here!

Just like we are consistently bare and consistently wilde, we understand that our bodies, mind and skin are consistently morphing and adapting to seasonal changes, no matter where we are in the world.

An obvious change each season is temperature, but there is more – each season, there are different lengths of day and night, we consume different types of foods, we engage in different types of outdoor activities or exercises, and for most of us, change in seasons affect how we feel.  Are you with us on this?

In summer, we absorb more sunshine, more vitamin D, and its a time when our skin craves nourishment and hydration, our body craves activity and our mind craves celebration and fulfillment.  Each quarter as the season changes, so does the desires of our body, mind and skin.  This is not rocket-science and nothing new really, but what it does mean is that it is important for us to understand what our bodies need through out these seasonal transformations so that we can stay healthy and well all year around.

This is where we, Bare & Wilde, comes in – we’ve done the research and understand what your body, mind and skin needs during the different seasons.  So let us do the hard work in sourcing the most up-and-coming pure, natural and non-toxic health and beauty products in Australia and around the world to help you be the very best version of yourself every season.

This summer, we will be delivering all you beauties a gift of wellness full of health, beauty and lifestyle products that will nourish and hydrate your skin from the inside out, calm your mind but also uplift you from the inside.  From soothing yet energizing matcha bath salts, to aromatic cacao teas to rose botanical oils as a hair-defrizzer – we have got your summer health and wellness regime covered!

Come on – be bare, be wilde and take a look at what’s inside the box!

Yours in health and wellness

Bare & Wilde xx