Jeremy is a registered Chiropractor with post graduate training in Sports Chiropractic and International Sports. Jeremy has worked alongside professional athletes both nationally and internationally including the Major League Baseball in America and The West Australian Cricket Association locally. He also runs a holistic health clinic and is a content creator for Paul Evans and other publications. He is one of those people with a very impressive resume for relatively short period of time.  Let’s dig into this fascinating and inspiring interview! 

Jeremy Princi Bare & Wilde Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat

Jeremy, we are super excited to have you as a speaker at our upcoming Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat on 16 February in Yallingup. For those of us who are new to Jeremy Princi, tell us three fun facts about you?

I have a small Australian certified organic logo tattoo.

I have a little Cavoodle puppy named Pepe – he is a little legend.

To the best of my knowledge, I hold the record for 100m sprint for the South West Athletics Association with a time of 10.54 seconds.

You have multiple roles (chiropractic, holistic health clinic, content creator) in your business. Can you tell us a bit about your different roles? 

Of course, For about 4-5 days per week, I clinically consult with hands on chiropractic and gut health consulting at my holistic health clinic. I also offer correspondent consultations for clients around the world to help them with “re-building/balancing” the gut microbiome through diet, probiotics and so on.  In the clinic, I have a few practitioners including a holistic GP about to start so I spend some time in the management role at the clinic, but I have great practitioners so the management time is only a small portion of my days.

I did formerly contract out as a content writer for various magazines as well as Pete Evans Paleo Way Program. I also used to travel to resorts doing reviews for them. These days, I rarely contract out as I am quite occupied focusing on my own vision and dream.

I host health and wellness workshops (including as hands on fermenting workshops, public speaking events, podcasts & so on) when I am feeling the desire to get out there and teach, but it’s really on my own terms.  I’m excited to be co-hosting a full 5-6-day (still fine tuning the details) holistic health immersion in Byron Bay later in the year – this has been a dream for a while to run intimate retreats. This is likely were I see my future going more.

Do you encounter many entrepreneurs who struggle with their health and wellness goals while building a business? Why do you think they struggle with this?  What aspect of health and wellbeing do you think they struggle with the most? 

I encounter this all the time. I think a lot of people don’t prioritise their health and get caught up in the hustle of being a business owner and burn themselves out. I get a lot of enquiries from practitioners and entrepreneurs asking me to take them on as clients to get their health back on track. I think business owners struggle most with lack of self-care and not prioritising what they are putting in their mouths – if you put poor quality nutrition in, you will get poor performance and output from your body and mind.  In my opinion, the only way to overcome this cycle is being prepared and planning your cooking so you don’t set yourself up for eating sub-optimally.

Tell us about your business journey. Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? 

In the same week I graduated from chiropractic, I came across Paul Chek’s Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program. It was this program which was really the catalyst that has focused my energy and business in the direction it has taken. After completing the Program with Paul directly and spending time with him at some other courses he ran, I immersed myself into fermented foods, wrote a book on fermented foods, travelled the country teaching workshops and have been down the rabbit hole of gut health now for many years researching and clinically consulting in that field, helping many people including myself. My movement practice shifted direction about 4 years ago when I was introduced to Ido Portal’s movement workshops. I am incredibly grateful to have learnt from Ido and look forward to continue learning from him.

You must have so much energy to accomplish all the things that you have in the short period of time! Can you share with us your health regime to keep yourself balanced?

Great question. I am quite particular with my food – it needs to be as organic as possible and include whole foods. I have a consistent daily movement practice and I meditate most days. I am also very particular with my drinking and showering water. I am in bed usually by 9pm and wake up at 5am. I re-check my hair tissue mineral analysis, stool/gut microbiome test, and bloods routinely – usually twice a year for each and supplement accordingly with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs etc.  Every 4-6 weeks, I take a week off and head over to Byron Bay to recharge the batteries for a week. This is self-care time.

Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat
Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat

Can you give our community, especially the Retreat attendees, a sneak peak into the goodness you will share at the Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat?

I will share what has and hasn’t worked for me running a holistic health business 😉 Vague enough! I don’t want to give too much away.  People will have to come to the Retreat and to experience it!

How did reconnecting food, fitness and gut health to your mind/body performance affect your life and business?

It has allowed everything in my life to flow nicely. I live a life congruent with my core values. Living this way has also allowed me to meet some incredible and inspiring people along the way!

Jeremy is seriously a walking encyclopaedia on both heath & wellness and business topics. Come join us at our Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat on 16 February in Yallingup to meet this legend and be inspired by him.