We talk living a life on purpose and based on feeling your intuition with flexible yogi and business owner, Chloe Potter.  We are super thrilled to have her deliver a workshop on purpose and intuition at our upcoming Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat on 16 Feb in Yallingup at Premalaya. 

We are super excited to have you as a speaker at our upcoming Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat on 16 February in Yallingup. For those of us who are new to Chloe Pottertell us the most down to earth thing about you? 

I would say my honesty, sometimes I am too honest and it gets me into trouble. I am not one for pretending and I always hope I am as genuine as possible. 

You have multiple roles (yoga teacher, host of incredible events and a new activewear line) in your business. Can you tell us a bit about your different roles? What inspired you to build your different businesses? 

It all comes naturally and in many ways it is an uncontrollable beast! It is something that is always evolving and intuitive. Most of my business decisions are based on feeling rather than planning! Which is why I am so excited to talk about this topic at the Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat

Chloe Potter Yoga Bare & Wilde Retreat
Chloe Potter Yoga Bare & Wilde Retreat Yallingup

Do you encounter many entrepreneurs who struggle with their health and wellness goals while building a business? Why do you think they struggle with this?  What aspect of health and wellbeing do you think they struggle with the most? 

This is something I am super passionate about, it is very much about one thing – BALANCE. I believe we never fully achieve it but we can learn boundaries. Being sick is a great judge of where I am at. If I go too far, I am pretty much going to know about it the next day. The biggest struggle is when the mind and spirit is willing and inspired, but the body has other ideas.

Tell us about your business journey. Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?  What is the biggest hurdle you have experienced as a business owner?

I’m not really sure if I have always wanted to be a business owner, it is something I just fell into. It suits me making my own schedule and decisions. I have worked for other businesses, but I never felt at home. I think the biggest hurdle is doing something I love and am passionate about, and balancing finances with that and making it work.

You are always glowing and you have so much energy! Can you share with us your health regime to keep yourself balanced? 

Thanks so much, I am actually a bit self conscious about my skin. I have worked really hard to get it healthy. I was always a beach bum and I have fair skin.  In the last few years, my auto immune symptoms have really had an effect on my skin health.  Last year, I have had PRP and carbon laser facials which have changed my life!! 

Both processes are mostly natural and work on healing skin from the inside out.

As far as my energy goes, I wake up like that! I pretty much jump out of bed kind of person. For me GRATITUDE is everything – it keeps me going.

Can you give our community, especially the Retreat attendees, a sneak peak into the goodness you will share at the Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat? What can they expect to learn from you? 

Well, I am excited to share my crazy perspective of living and running a business completely through purpose & intuition. It’s a bit different!

Chloe Potter Yoga - Bare & Wilde Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat
Chloe Potter Yoga – Bare & Wilde Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat

How did gaining clarity on your purpose and intuition affect your life and business?

To be honest, clarity is never fixed. One of the hardest things about working intuitively means that each situation needs to be felt through. This is why I’m often bad at planning, but when I feel something is important, everything comes together to make it happen. 

What are 3 fun facts about yourself that you havent shared in an interview? 

I LOVE Star Trek…Yep total nerd!

Jane Austen Rules.

If I could eat one food forever it would be Japanese.