Event Policy

COVID-19 IMPORTANT INFORMATION (policy effective as at 14 March 2020)

As you know, a rather nasty flu has been going around. At Bare & Wilde, the health and wellbeing of our valued community is always at the forefront of our mind.  It will be business as usual for us, however due to the evolving events as of late, it is really important to us that we take responsibly to ensure that our community stays healthy together.

While the likelihood of catching this nasty flu in Perth remains low, to minimise the risk of it spreading (so we can get back to having more fun together sooner!), we have put in place the following policy (in accordance with medical consultation) for our upcoming wellness events and retreats:

  1. If you are unwell with cold or flu symptoms, please stay home and do not attend our events until your symptoms have cleared;
  2. If you have had contact with anybody who is being investigated for COVID-19 or who has been travelling to one of the high/moderate risk countries, please please stay home, do not attend our events and wait two weeks before attending our events if you have no symptoms;
  3. If you have travelled from any of the high/moderate risk countries in the last two weeks, please stay home and do not attend our events until two weeks after your return;
  4. In the situations described in points 1 to 3 above, you will receive a credit and will be able to attend one of our future events;
  5. If you are well, come join us and let’s have some fun together! Numbers will be capped to ensure social distancing protocols are followed.  Further, all our events and retreats will now be live streamed so you can choose to enjoy the content and connection from the comfort of your own home. The live stream will be held on Zoom so there is opportunity to connect and engage.
As always, we will continue to ensure that all our event venues are deep cleaned prior to each event. We will also be providing disposable eco-friendly towels and disinfected yoga mats for all attendees at our events for the yoga/fitness component. You may also wish to bring your own yoga mat. At all events, we will ensure numbers are capped to ensure that there is at least 1.8m between you and other attendees.


Amidst all the anxiety in the news, it is so important to not panic and remain calm.  Remember, stress and anxiety has a negative impact on our immune system, which is something we want to protect and enhance during these times.  So remain positive, keep washing those hands and this will pass.

We cannot wait to connect with you still and let’s stay healthy together! Thank you for reading and understanding.

Amy Chen + BW team