Our upcoming Entrepreneurs’ Wellness Retreat on 15 September 2018 will be held at Premalaya in Yallingup.  Luxury resort owner, Hayley Lane, shares her favorite healthy spots, hidden gems and must do’s in Yallingup. Start packing your bags because you’ll be heading on a road trip after reading this!

The best cafes/restaurants in Yallingup (healthy and maybe a bit on the cheeky side) are…

Go-anna Gallery Bush Cafe on Hayes Road is definitely a must to visit whilst staying in Yallingup. They serve the most amazing breakfasts and lunches. The Indo breakfast has been on the menu for years and is to die for –  spiced coconut rice with a fried egg, spinach, avocado, pesto coriander & sweet soy dressing.

The famous Andy’s Store (Yallingup General Store) is great too, fantastic food all year round, great breakfasts, lunches & coffee – Pop into Yallingup Wood-fired bread when leaving to grab some of their famous breads & cakes.

Yallingup Healthy Food

Fun outdoor activities include…

The Yallingup maze is just 5 minutes up the road from us and is a great spot to visit. Great coffee and free puzzles inside to test your mental skill and patience.  Beaches, beaches and more beaches. The Ngilgi Cave is also a must see in Yallingup

Yallingup Escape Activities

Yallingup is full of fun surprises including…

Yallingup is the most pure, pristine place you could ever want to visit. Whether Summer or Winter they both have equal value at soothing your soul. In Winter rug up warm, take some long strolls along the beach and blow away the cobwebs and visit some wineries on the way home.

Gabriel Chocolate is also a must to do.

Summer just brings serene turquoise beaches, great shopping in Dunsborough and plenty to do in the area.

Injidup Natural Spa is a definite to add to your summer visit.

Injidup Beach

The best part of living in Yallingup is…

The best part about living in Yallingup, is the sense of peace and calm, there is space to breathe and switch off from the busy world we live in. Where ocean and trees surround, it really is a place of love as Yallingup means in local Noongar language.

Yallingup Western Australia

You can stay at Premalaya, a gorgeous luxury resort by the ocean in Yallingup and meet Hayley in person at our upcoming  Entrepreneurs’ Wellness Retreat in Yallingup on 15 September 2018.

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