In this season’s Winter Wellness Box, we are thrilled to work with Leena, founder of Australian Ceremonial Cacao to bring to your home, the beauty of Peruvian cacao beans moulded into the shape of hearts.  Leena’s story is an unique one so we’ll love to share it below together with some interesting facts about cacao and Leena’s love-infused product.

Leena founded Australian Ceremonial Cacao – a company who’s mission is all about promoting love and connection in empowering others to serve the world – about two years ago after a life-changing visit to Uluru. 

Leena’s story really started when she climbed Uluru at the age of 7. At the time, Leena was unaware that the act of climbing Uluru was considered to be disrespectful. Many years later, at the age of 30, Leena was called to embark on a spiritual journey to Uluru again. Originally, the trip was disguised as a birthday present for a friend, but little did Leena know that it was going to be a life-changing trip for her too. When Leena arrived at Uluru, a part of her inner calling was urging her to apologise to the spirits and ancestors for climbing Uluru when she was younger. It was just something she was called to do. 

After this trip to Uluru, a chain of events led Leena to attending a cacao ceremony, and then later creating her own cacao ceremonies at home. One day, during a ceremony, she was called to think about how she can serve more in her life. It was in that moment, she had a wave of inspiration, as well as being guided by the spirit of Cacao and the ancestors of Australia, to create a business that would enable others to have similar experiences of enlightenment and connection to self like she just did. It was in that moment, Leena created Australian Ceremonial Cacao. Within 3 days, the business was up and running and there, the journey of ACC began.

You might be familiar with the health benefits of cacao – it’s extremely high in magnesium and antioxidants. However, cacao is a true gentle plant medicine. Did you know that ceremonial grade cacao, which ACC is, is a grade above the rest? The cacao used has minimum tampering of the cacao bean’s integrity. The bean is lightly roasted, de-shelled and ground on a stone grinder in Peru. Once the bean arrives in Australia, two lovely ladies who own a nearby chocolaterie kitchen lovingly melts it at a low temperature and moulds it into hearts.  The moulding process does not alter the integrity and magic of the cacao. 

Another fun fact – did you know that cacao beans are actually nuts? They are the most commonly eaten nut product in the world!

We love how the ACC cacao is moulded into the shape of hearts. It reminds us of the company’s mission – which is to share the message of love and connection through cacao. The cacao connects us back into loving ourselves. As we can only serve others in the world, and change the world, if we truly love ourselves. 

Try ACC from our Winter Wellness Box.

Winter Wellness Box
Winter Wellness Box